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And then one day after rushing him to the hospital, I watched in horror as the heart monitor straight lined. They revived him but they could not stabilize him. I prayed louder. Dad continued to fail. I prayed harder. Dad was put on life support.

I remember sinking down onto the bathroom floor, crying , in total despair. "Why can't you just send someone to help him?" I pleaded. There was only silence and then very softly I heard, "I have." I looked up and saw no one. But I was sure of what I had heard so I stood up, dried my tears and went back to dad's room. I sat in the chair beside his bed to wait for the one God would send. I waited. And waited. And waited. When no one came, I returned to the bathroom. "He's dying," I whispered. "I thought you were going to send someone to


help," I blurted.. "I did," came the reply. "Where?" I asked. "Where did you send them?" I demanded. "No one came! Where is this person?" I asked, sobbing. There was silence and then came the reply. "Look in the mirror." And so I took my dad's healing personal. And healing became my passion.

Throughout the years I continued to learn new things that I thought would help my dad. With each new medicine, each new technique, each new doctor, my hopes would raise. Maybe this is the one. But in time, each one failed. It was not until after the death of my father, that I learned that being healed doesn't always mean just the physical body. It involves the spirit. And yet it took my own heartbreak before I could comprehend what that meant.

The healing that I offer is for the spirit. For there is no hurt worse than that which touches your soul. Whether it was due to a physical event or an emotional trauma, true healing brings peace to your heart and harmony to your soul.

Whether it be childhood trauma, buried resentments, abusive relationships. It doesn't matter. You tell me which part of your life you want healed and I will lead you down the path where angels will greet you and wipe away your tears. Just remember one thing. I am only the channel through which God's healing energy flows. He is the one who does the actual healing.

Sessions are $45 and take approximately 45 minutes.

phone: 605-716-7072

As I was growing up I remember spending much of my childhood worrying about my dad. He had numerous health issues and I constantly worried about losing him. I even worked in a hospital hoping I would learn something that could help. Time and time again he was admitted to the hospital.

Each time I would ask God to help him. And each time that Dad came home, I believed that my prayers were answered. I thanked God for sparing him one more time. But my frustration grew at not being able to cure him completely. I didn't want him better for a few days or weeks. Or even months. I wanted him cured forever!

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