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Many people use the services of a psychic and yet do not understand what the function of a psychic is. I offer the following information based only on my own personal experience.

Can you read my mind if you walk past me in the grocery store?
Yes, I can. But why would I want to? Unless you ask me, or unless I feel I am in some type of danger, there is no reason for me to “tune in” to you. In fact, most of the time I shut down my abilities unless I am on the line with a caller. Otherwise I “tune out” and go about my life like everyone else. I also consider it an invasion of privacy to “tune in” to someone without being asked.

Do you know what I am calling about?
Out of respect for your privacy, I do not go poking around in your life. I only look in the areas that you ask me about. So for those of you who expect me to answer your question before you ask it, I can guarantee you will be disappointed. I do not work that way. My job is to offer insight on only those issues you ask me about. I am here to tell you what you do NOT know, not what you do know. And I remind you that if you open up in this manner and challenge me to find what is on your mind, I will most likely pick up the issues that are bothering you, not necessarily the issues that you are calling about. For instance, one woman thought she would be cute and insisted that as a psychic I should know what was on her mind without asking any questions. I played along and reminded her of the abortion she had at 16 that she still carried a lot of guilt over. She was not calling about the abortion, but as I said, I will pick up what's on your mind, not necessarily what your question is that day. I have also had people use this approach in order to "test" me. I advise you not to. I have been in this business for years and I could not have succeeded if I were a fake. If you want to "test" a psychic, I can give you some hotline numbers to call.

Can you tell me the future?
Absolutely not! What I offer is insight based on the NOW. On the level that I read - which I describe as the energy level - there is no time but now. I can tell you possible outcomes, but I can not predict the future.

Can you give me timelines of when things will happen? Everyone wants to know “when.” Timelines are the most flexible item in any reading so what I tell you are guesstimates, because again, on the level that I read, there is no time.

Some religions are against psychics. Are psychics evil?
I have to admit that I struggled with this one. I was raised a Catholic and was warned against consulting a psychic. So for many years, I hid and even denied my abilities. But after much soul searching, I came to believe that my abilities are God given and I use them to help others. So I do not understand what could be evil about that.

I was shown that anything and everything can be used for either good or evil. Prayers can go to either God or the devil. There are two kinds of Bibles - the holy bible or the satanic bible. Worship can also serve two masters - God or satan. It’s just like any other tool. Take fire for instance. It can cook your food and keep you warm or it can burn you and destroy your house. It depends on how you use your abilities. I choose to use mine to help others.

I give honor to God. I pray to God. What is evil about that?

What I do believe they are cautioning against are those people who become addicted to psychics. They call every day - several times a day. They can not make any decisions on their own. I had one caller who would call me to ask, “Should I call my boyfriend at 3:10 or should I wait until 3:15. What’s the best time?” Yes, that was an actual call! And there were others similar.

Sometimes I call more than one psychic and they give me different answers to the same question. Why? There are a couple of different reasons for this. First, of all, you may not be getting two different answers. It may just appear that way. Even if one psychic tells you yes and the other tells you no, it may still not be contradictory. Let me explain.

One of my regular callers was going to see a friend who she wanted a relationship with. She called to ask me if the meeting between them was going to go well or would she be disappointed in the outcome. The picture I saw was one of her where her eyes looked red and swollen like she had been crying. Her energy appeared down. I told her it didn’t look like a positive outcome.

She called me a few days later, admitting that she had called another psychic and that psychic told her it would be a favorable outcome. Why the difference? The caller herself enlightened us.

When she called me, she had asked me to look at her when she got OFF the plane. She asked the other psychic to look at her while she was still ON the plane. When she got off of the plane, her allergies kicked in, making her eyes red and swollen like she had been crying. On the plane, her allergies were fine. See what a difference one small word can make?

I learned from that experience that I have to be very specific in how I ask my questions. And if you don’t ask the same question to all the psychics that you talk to, you may get different answers.

Another reason that answers may differ is due to timing. If you ask me if you and your boyfriend are getting back together and he is open to that possibility today, my answer will be yes. If you ask a different psychic the same question and he is grumpy and mad at you at that time, the answer will be no.

I have also learned that sometimes the answers aren’t really different, it’s just that different people use different terminology and some psychics don’t explain their readings in a lot of detail.

One caller of mine said she talked to someone else since I wasn’t logged on and she became really upset at the other psychic’s answers as she believed the other psychic’s answers contradicted everything I said. When she told me what the other psychic said, I simply offered a few more details to help her understand more. After I explained things, she realized it really was not contradictory.

Why are some psychics easier to talk to?
I believe a lot of times it is just a matter of personalities. If you don’t like how the psychic relays information, you will dismiss much of what is said.

Even as psychics, the pictures, words, etc that we receive, are based on our own beliefs and experiences. As one fellow psychic explained it, your guides aren’t going to relay information to you about something that you don’t understand. For example, if you don’t believe in former lives, your guides will not voluntarily relay any information to you about that out of respect for your beliefs. If they were to do so, you would either block it as being bad information or stop and ask, “What?” so many times trying to understand it yourself, that the information itself may be lost.

On the other hand, if you call a psychic and they start relaying information about prior lives and you don’t believe in that, of course you are going to think that psychic is a quack!

Can psychics be wrong?
Absolutely! Even though our information comes from a higher source, it is possible to misinterpret what we see or hear. And even though I do not believe it is my job to interpret things which will be filtered through my own beliefs, rather than to just pass information along, it does happen.

For instance, if I see a train, I think of the words fun and vacation. But if your relatives were taken away on a train to Auschwitz, the train would have a completely different meaning. That is one reason why I describe to the caller the pictures that I see and ask if those pictures have special significance to them before I offer any other explanation. Sometimes even if you call a psychic, you are not real open to them getting into your space. Without you being open, they will not get accurate information. The answer you get will be based on what you do allow them to see and that may be only half the picture. It’s kind of like going to a doctor and telling him that you have a sore throat and then refusing to open your mouth. How accurate do you think that diagnosis will be?

And of course, there are times that we are just wrong. Like everyone else. That it is why it is so important that even when consulting a psychic, you make your own decisions.

What if a psychic sees something bad or tells me I am going to die?
I know that many people fear what a psychic will tell them. We all have secrets and I personally do not like people looking into areas of my life uninvited. That is why I only answer the questions you ask. If I see other issues that you need to know to help resolve your current situation I may ask you about those things. Otherwise, if you don’t ask, I don’t go there.

Most psychics do not volunteer such information as when you are going to die. That’s not their job. They are there to help you see all the facts in a situation so you can make an informed decision. It’s not their job to play God.

Can a psychic tell me what to do?
A good psychic should help you look at all the angles of a situation so you can make your own decision. They should not make a decision for you. Do not give them that much power over you. Remember that you are the one who has to live with the consequences of any decision you make.

Can the outcome of a reading change?
Absolutely! We only see possible outcomes. We only give advice. Nothing takes away your free will. If you don’t like what I tell you, by all means, change the outcome of the reading.

How do you know if a psychic is good?
I used to think that accuracy was the key factor in finding a good psychic. I soon learned that is only part of the equation.

First of all, you have to feel comfortable with the person. You have to trust them enough to allow them to get into your space. You will often be sharing some very personal information with this person. So choose a psychic like you would a best friend.

Some things to pay attention to are: If you do not understand the terminology that they are using and they seem to get annoyed when you ask them to explain, you need a different psychic. If you are having a bad day, are they sympathetic, or do they get annoyed that you are crying on the phone? Do they make you feel like you are bothering them? If so, choose someone else. If they give you only bad news and then tell you that for a fee they can “fix it,” run like hell!

A psychic should not judge, criticize, intimidate, or make you feel stupid. They should put you at ease. Just like a best friend.

Can you pick lottery numbers?
I wish! No, I do not relate well to objects. My specialty is tuning into feelings.

Can you read my pet?
Yes, I can. I can pick up how they are feeling and offer suggestions to help you with your current situation.

Can you find lost items?
Sometimes. I usually can tell you the general area, ie - the car, the house, work, etc or if it's just lost.

Can you contact deceased loved ones?
I can as long as they are willing to come forward. They still have free will and it is their choice whether to respond to me or not.