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As a child, I knew I was different from those around me. I saw things before they happened. Often my dreams came true. I felt God and the angels talked to me everyday. And so my world was one full of questions. Questions that no one could answer.

I remember asking my mom if I was adopted. Even when she said no, I went so far as to look for adoption papers. My sisters jokingly called me ET and accused me of coming from another planet. Little did they know, I had the same suspicion. There had to be a reason I was so different. Didn’t there?

Through my teen years and on into my adult life unexplained things continued to happen. Even though they scared me, I wanted to learn more about them. But it was not until I was in my 40’s that I found someone to answer my questions. I devoured books. I took classes. And things began to fall into place.

Due to the frustration I went through, I vowed that everything I learned I would willingly pass onto those who asked. And so it is today, that I offer teaching to those who wish to learn.

I do not have a structured agenda, ie - week one we will study chakras, etc. For each of you are individual. Each of you are at a different level. Each of you learn in a different way. Each of you will have different interests and desires.

Nor do I have a set timeframe. If you need one lesson, one lesson is all you will pay for. Regardless if you need one or many, each lesson will be structured just for you.

So if you have one question or 50, please feel free to contact me to see if I have any expertise in the area that you are interested in. And we can set up an appointment based on your needs.

Teaching sessions are $25 for a half-hour or $45 for an hour
email: angel@littleangelwhispers.com
phone: 605-716-7072